A Buena Vista Social Club meets Years of Living Dangerously, renowned Malian singer Inna Modja takes us on a music-driven journey of hope, hardship, and perseverance across Africa’s ambitious Great Green Wall. Part musical odyssey and cultural road-trip, part desertification and climate justice exploration, Inna sets out on a mission to assemble Africa’s most thrilling musicians and record a once-in-a-lifetime album that captures the spirit of the Wall – the budding 8,000km “belt of green” stretching from Senegal to Djibouti – providing food, jobs, and a future for millions of people. Weaving together unforgettable personal stories of Sahelian adversity, determination and triumph, Inna leads us on a pilgrimage through the cities and savannahs with a band of artist-activists composing an indelibly eclectic soundtrack for a continent at a crossroads. Once complete, the Great Green Wall will be the largest living structure on earth, three times the size of the Great Barrier Reef, and a new wonder of the world. This is the resilience story of our time, a massive social action project, and a symbol of hope in the resounding African Dream.

ORIGINAL TITLE: The Great Green Wall
Year: 2020
GENRE: Documentary, Music
DURATION: 90 min
ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: English, French, Bambara, Tigrigna, Hausa
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
DIRECTOR: Jared P. Scott
WRITER: Jared P. Scott, Alexander Asen, Charly Feldman, Sarah MacDonald, Pilar Rico
CAST: Inna Modja, Songhoy Blues, Didier Awadi, Betty G., Waje
PRODUCTION: MAKE Waves Productions

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