USA Film Festival
Dallas, TX
April 23, 2022
Free admission!

Boulder International Film Festival
March 3-7 

Learn more here:  BIFF

The Quad Cinema, NYC
March 11-17 Tickets go on sale March 7th

Westwood Theatre, Los Angeles
March 11-17 Buy Tickets Here.

The Opera Plaza, San Francisco
March 18-24 Buy Tickets Here

Smith San Rafael 
March 18-24 

Summerfield Theatre, Santa Rosa CA
March 18-24 

The Guild Cinema, Albuquerque NM
March 18-22 

Scottsdale 101,AZ
March 18-24

The Loft, Tuscon AZ
March 18-24

Violet Crown, Santa Fe
March 30th

Violet Crown, Austin
March 30th

Press Assets

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Director: Abel Sanchez, Andres Alegria
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Sheldon
Producer: Co-Producer: Abel Sanchez, Andres Algria
Writer: Co-Writer Abel Sanchez, Co-Writer Andres Alegria
Editor: Andres Alegria
Music: Abel Sanchez
Language: English, Spanish
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Publicist: Falco, Inc.