Just Not Married’ tells a story of two brothers who choose opposite paths. Duke, a promising undergraduate student, is broke. It’s a crippling problem, as he must provide for his critically ill mother and his ex-con brother. With the help of his best friend Lati and his sassy crush Keji, he hatches a genius plan to steal cars: after Lati breaks into a vehicle, they dress it up with ribbons and bows to resemble a honeymoon vehicle. But the success of their scheme sends Duke into a spiral of guilt, and he stops attending school even though he knows it’s his only means of escaping the slums. When their modest criminal enterprise goes a bit too far, the three friends realize that they’re in over their heads.

Director: Patrick Uduak-Obong
Producer: Judith Audu
Year: 2016
Country: Nigeria
Language: Original Version with English subtitles
Duration: 90 minutes
Best Nigerian Film Eko International Film Festival 2016
Best Actress Abuja international Film Festival 2016
Best Actress Best of Nollywood Awards 2016

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