Taking place over a weekend visit in Los Angeles, the film watches as two first-generation Sierra Leonean American siblings navigate the changing dynamics of brotherhood after a surprise announcement. Elder brother Alhaji (Dillon Daniel Mutyaba), an aspiring actor living in Los Angeles, is visited for a weekend by his younger brother, Sheku (Omete Anassi), a second-year law student at George Washington University. Unknown to Alhaji, Sheku has come with a specific intention: to reveal that he will be dropping out of law school and moving to LA to pursue acting, just like his older brother. As the weekend draws to a close, the two must reconcile with each other and familial expectations.

Writer/Director: Omar S. Kamara (MASS AVE)
Producers: Leo Blumberg-Woll (CHESTNUT, THE FAMILY MEETING, OOT), Jordan Tyner (WE WERE MEANT TO, 410 STAMPED)
Year: 2024