Documentary Short by Keith Wilson Chronicles the Life Cycle of a Christmas Tree

New York, NY – November 15, 2017 -- Juno Films has acquired world-wide rights to Keith Wilson’s documentary short The Tree, which premiers at DOC NYC on November 15th. The film charmingly chronicles the life cycle of a Christmas tree, from the annual ritual of being chopped down, decorated, undecorated, disposed of curbside, recycled at a city facility, to wood chips on a play ground.

The deal was negotiated between Elizabeth Sheldon, CEO & founder of Juno Films, and filmmaker Keith Wilson. “The Tree charmingly captures the life-cycle of an annual ritual that few of us think about once Christmas has passed,” says Elizabeth Sheldon. “By following the fate of the tree all of us are reminded that our casual consumption extends beyond the holidays and has a genuine environmental impact. Keith’s film charmingly captures this journey and I am confident that this will be an annual favorite for audiences across many channels.”

“I am beyond thrilled to have Juno Films distribute The Tree. Throughout production I had hoped to find a partner who understood the film’s potential to connect with, inspire and challenge audiences. Now that I’ve found that collaborator in Juno, I’m looking forward to seeing the film reach more people and platforms, year after year around the world.”

The Tree will be promoted to short film festivals, qualified for 2019 Oscar consideration and marketed to the North American educational market. It will also be offered to broadcasters and online platforms for licensing world wide. It is the second short film licensed by Juno Films for release to the international broadcast and digital markets with an emphasis on the educational market in North America. Juno Films is actively curating an international short film collection.

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