The Caravan

Juno Films has acquired all U.S. and Canadian rights to The Caravan, the first documentary feature from directors Núria Clavero and Aitor Palacios, which will have its North American premiere in International Competition at DOC NYC ahead of its release in theaters in late spring.

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Liv Ullmann
Liv Ullmann
Juno Films, Inc.

Boutique distributor Juno Films has acquired North American and UK rights to Liv Ullmann: A Road Less Traveled, a portrait of the iconic Norwegian actress and filmmaker from director Dheeraj Akolkar (Liv & Ingmar). World premiering in the Classics section of the 76th Festival de Cannes, the doc will make its North American debut at DOC NYC ahead of a spring 2024 launch in theaters.

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The Day After Trinity
September 21, 2023

THE DAY AFTER TRINITY documentary tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967), the theoretical physicist who led the effort to build the first atomic bomb, tested in July 1945 at Trinity site in New Mexico.

When theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer became director of the Manhattan Project, he brought with him a love of poetry, philosophy and Eastern religion. In the years following Trinity, the classified maiden test of a prototype atomic bomb, Oppenheimer revealed himself as a thoughtful man who felt both a duty to his country and a deep regret for the death and destruction caused by his leadership in the development of the weapon that heralded the arrival of the Atomic Age. It features interviews with several Manhattan Project scientists, as well as newly declassified archival footage.

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Hilma Premier Party
April 08, 2023
Hilma Opening Night Party
Lena Olin, Richard Gere and Tora Hallström.
Lasse Hallström, Tora Hallström and Lena Olin.

The NYC premier party on Wednesday featured director Lasse Halsltrom, Lena Olin, Tora Hallstrom and panel moderator Richard Gere.  It was a sold out event at the ScandiHouse.

HILMA opens next Friday April 14th at the Quad Cinema with a Q&A after the 7:00 pm show moderated by Isabella Rossellini. You can buy tickets here or read more here. 

Opens in LA April 14th at The Royal, Town Center and Glendale.  Learn more here.

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‘Hilma’ Review: Lasse Hallström’s Vivid Portrait of a Visionary Artist Captures the Agony and the Ecstasy 

The Swedish filmmaker’s latest feature is the first biopic of the painter Hilma af Klint.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Spirited and sensuous.

The Hollywood Reporter

Sheri Linden, January 11 2023

Munch Screen Shot
Credit: Agnete Brun

Few artists are as synonymous as Munch is with one masterpiece, but this story draws you through the soul of the man to show he was much more than “The Scream.”

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Courtesy of Jenny Drakenlind

EXCLUSIVE: Juno Films has picked up North American rights to Hilma — the latest film written and directed by three-time Academy Award nominee Lasse Hallström (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), which is poised to make its North American premiere at the Palm Springs Film Festival. 

The cinematic portrait of the Swedish artist and feminist pioneer Hilma af Klint — who’s played at different ages by Tora Hallström and Oscar nominee Lena Olin — will premiere theatrically at the Quad Cinema in NYC on April 14 before expanding nationwide.

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Rosie and Frank

Boutique distributor Juno Films has picked up North American distribution rights to the Irish-language feature “Róise and Frank,” (“Mo Ghrá Buan”), the company confirmed on Friday.

Written and directed by Rachael Moriarty and Peter Murphy, the drama tells the story of an imaginative widow, played by Irish actress Bríd Ní Neachtain, who decides that a stray dog she befriends is the reincarnation of her deceased husband Frank.

As time passes, Róise slowly begins to open herself back up to the outside world and reconnect to friends and family. Her canine companion starts to coach the local junior high school’s hurling team with great success for the team and its players, under Frank’s guidance.

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The Same Storm

Mary-Louise Parker  Photo credit: Maceo Bishop

Juno Films has acquired rights to the experimental drama The Same Storm, from writer-director Peter Hedges (Ben Is Back), for distribution in the U.S., Canada and the UK. The film will open at the Quad Cinema in NYC and the Laemmle Santa Monica on October 14.

Filmed during the Covid pandemic using cell phones and laptops, The Same Storm invites viewers into the lives of 24 characters as they navigate the spring and summer of 2020. With lockdowns, the Black Lives Matter movement and the looming 2020 election as key backdrops, the film explores the importance of human connection, family and love during a time when all of that seemed out of reach.

The film will open October 14th at the Quad Cinema in NYC and Laemmle NoHo and Santa Monica with additional cities to follow.

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