As a young girl growing up in a rural village in Kenya, Beryl thought that all women in the world have to be „circumcised“ by going through Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) at a young age; therefore she went through the ritual at attender age as a rite of passage. Little did she know about the effects of FGM/C.

Many years later she learns about a rather new reconstructive surgery that promises to give back what was lost once. In her author-driven documentary "In Search…” she explores the emotional dilemma by talking to other women who went through similar experiences. Beryl is trying to find out whether she should undergo this surgery, a journey into the unknown for a second time: „Will I be making another terrible mistake?” or “Am I ready to face my trauma?“ are the questions that drive this authentic and emotionally quest into the very self of a young woman.

YEAR: 2018
DURATION: 90 min.
ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: German, English, Kikuria, Swahili
COUNTRY: Germany
DIRECTOR: Beryl Magoko
WRITER: Beryl Magoko
PRODUCTION: Beryl Magoko and Jule Katinka Cramer