Jackie is a fading movie star who has amassed millions of followers who hang on her every word about her conspiracy theory regarding world domination. When an actual communications black out occurs, Jackie finds herself at the epicenter of a series of strange visits that leave her questioning the line between reality and delusion.


Once a well-known singer and actress, JACKIE has transformed herself into an online conspiracy theorist in an attempt to shine her fading star. Going by the pseudonym JAX, she has amassed millions of followers who hang on every word of her frequent, unhinged video blogs dedicated to exposing a powerful secret society known as THE PARLIAMENT. But her second shot at fame did not come without a cost—as Jax gained prominence and influence in the digital realm, Jackie’s life in the real world crumbled around her. She alienated her friends and destroyed her marriage, leaving her alone, bitter, and paranoid.

But finally, vindication arrives in the form of a global communications blackout. Jackie is certain the Parliament is responsible, but since the internet and phone lines have gone dark, she has no way of telling anyone how right she’s been all along. Cut off from the online community she’s grown so dependent on, Jackie becomes more isolated than ever. She starts drinking heavily to numb the pain, and begins recording progressively disturbing videos, sending them out into the ether in a desperate effort to break through the Parliament’s blockade.

As the days pass, Jackie’s grip on reality becomes more and more tenuous. She feels like she’s being watched. She hears noises she can’t explain. And when she finds a mysterious box in her closet, she becomes convinced that she is now a target of the very organization she’s been trying to expose. Feeling as though both her sanity and life are in danger, Jackie is sure she must solve the riddle of this strange box to save herself. But to do that, she must examine who and what she has become, and ask herself some hard questions…

What is real? What is delusion?

And does the difference even matter anymore?

Directed by Laura Russo, 115 minutes, 2022, English, starring Julienne Davis (Eyes Wide Shut)

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