BLOWIN UP is A NYTimes' Critic's Pick
April 04, 2019

Blowin Up

Go catch Stephanie Wag Breal's documentary BLOWIN' UP at the Quad this weekend. It is a New York Times Critic's Pick:

Filming from 2015 to early 2017, Wang-Breal and her cinematographer, Erik Shirai, immerse us in the cheery bustle of the courtroom and the busy hallways outside. Discreetly eavesdropping on counseling sessions as clients divulge often heartbreaking personal details, the filmmakers eschew narration in favor of a more fragmented, naturalistic approach.

This can be as frustrating as it is fascinating. Yet “Blowin’ Up” (the term is used to describe the act of leaving a pimp) suggests that, in a compassionate society, this is what justice would look like — a hopeful tone that’s ultimately tempered as the Trump presidency begins and ICE starts to apprehend clients.

“It’s just too big,” one weary counselor says of the trafficking business that claims so many victims. “It’s too big.”

Show times at the Quad can be found here:

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