Juno Films Curation and Strategy


Below is a select list of case studies of film releases in which Elizabeth has been directly involved over the last decade:

El Bulli: Cooking In Progress

For six months of the year, renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adrià closes his restaurant El Bulli and works with his culinary team to prepare the menu for the next season. An elegant, detailed study of food as avant-garde art, EL BULLI: COOKING IN PROGRESS is a tasty peek at some of the world's most innovative and exciting cooking; as Adrià himself puts it, “the more bewilderment, the better!"

El Bulli: Cooking In Progress opened at Film Forum and included Q&As with chefs who had studied under Adrià.  From there, it played in over 30 cities and grossed over $230,000 at the box office. 

5 Broken Cameras

This critically-acclaimed documentary opened at Film Forum and ultimately garnered an Oscar nomination in 2012 for Best Documentary Feature. From its initial premier at IDFA to its broadcast on POV, the release strategy focused on connecting with the film's organic audience through Jewish Film Festivals and an art house theatrical release that included over 40 markets. In addition, the educational campaign guaranteed that college campuses across the United States and Canada initiated activist conversations across the political spectrum about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This conversation was amplified through the engagement of Michael Moore's community. The film had its digital premier on Netlix and is also available on DVD.

The Anonymous People  

A feature documentary film about the over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs by first-time filmmaker Greg D. Williams, the film's theatrical release targeted the recovery community to organize on-demand theatrical screenings. It played in over 50 cities and earned over $250,000 at the box office via its community screening strategy. In addition, the educational outreach campaign brought the film to numerous college campuses to catalyze conversation around addiction and government policy. The film premiered on Netflix and other digital platforms, as well as DVD.

The Messenger  

"The Messenger is the most scientifically sound and beautiful film about songbirds I have ever seen. You heart will be opened to their plight and your brain to the action you can take to help save them." ~ Steven Price

A stunning documentary that canvases the plight of the songbird world-wide, the film premiered at Hot Docs and opened theatrically in NYC after which it went on to play in theaters across the United States and Canada in association with the Cornell Ornothology Laboratory. A complementary educational outreach campaign targeted animal rights activists, bird-watching clubs, and biology labs to raise awareness of the impact of modern life on song birds. The film premiered on Netflix and the CBC Nature of Things hosted by David Suzuki and is available across multiple digital platforms and on DVD.

Crazy Wisdom

A beloved look at Trungpa Rimpoche, the man who brought Tibetan Buddhism to the English-speaking world, the film by Joanna Demotrakis opened at the Rubin Museum in NYC followed by LA and went on to play over 50 markets during its release. A marketing campaign targeting the film's organic audience of Buddhists resulted in a successful long-tail release with a Netflix premier.