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Out of the still-heated rancorous debate about the 2016 presidential election upset emerges A Campaign of Their Own, a unique sidewalk-level history of the Sanders campaign. Follow the experiences of passionate campaign activist Jonathan Katz, and experience crushing frustrations that include New York state's voter suppression laws, the DNC's convention-delegate rules designed to block minority opinions, and the release by Wikileaks of credibility damaging DNC emails. From a vantage point never witnessed by mainstream media, A Campaign of Their Own belies the mythology of the Democratic party's reconciliation with disaffected working people and reveals a yawning policy gap likely to divide Democratic voters in elections to come.

"Where do you fit in as a citizen in a democratic system that’s crumbling? Is it still possible to believe in utopias? Lionel Rupp and Michael David Mitchell give us food for thought here, compelling us to face up to the difficulties of a society that no longer knows who to believe and is rather dangerously giving up on dreaming." Muriel Del Don, Cineuropa review

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Additional Film Info:

A film by Lionel Rupp and Michael Mitchell
Directed by Lionel Rupp
Produced by Michael Mitchell
Written by Lionel Rupp and Michael Mitchell
Run time: 74 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2017